Are You Stuck?

Are you stuckA while ago I was watching my 11 month old son, he was playing with the cabinet door that’s under the kitchen sink. Swinging it open and then swinging it closed, swinging it open and then swinging it closed. :o)
He winded up getting his left hand trapped in the cabinet door, not being able to pull it free, only because his right hand was pushing on the door.
At first he was confused, and then he grew frustrated. He tried and tried to pull his left hand free, not realizing that his right hand was the problem. Eventually he just started to cry, not because he was in pain, but just because he was “stuck”. He didn’t realize that all he had to do was move his right hand.
It made me think, how many times have we been stuck? Only because our right hand was blocking our left hands blessings.
Wow, think about that.
For example when I started the GRATEFUL APPAREL brand I worked extremely hard, 24 hours a day, the first and last thing on my mind was GRATEFUL APPAREL. I would pop out of bed, into the hamster wheel of life and run and run and run. Trapping myself! Not making time for God (too busy) my right hand [My actions] was trapping my left hand [the growth of the GRATEFUL brand].
Then one day God spoke to me and said [in his God voice] “If you don’t have time for me now, how could you have time for me later, if I allow this brand to grow?”
By HIM taking the time to tell me that was the equivalent of me moving my son’s right hand and freeing his left hand. (You get this?)
Since then I have put God first reading and praying first thing in the morning. I have to admit that the GRATEFUL brand has gone a lot farther with a fraction of the running/energy.
Apply this to an area of your life. Keep a look out so that your right hand doesn’t trap your left hand.
I hope you guys understand me, God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Are You Stuck?

  1. Wow Bro, this is really inspiring and jarring. I’m in the beginning stages of starting my own brand called “Exodus Society” and this will definitely be an integral part of my philosophy moving forward. God bless you, Ray.

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