I Got SAVED!!!!

COG CircleIt’s common to hear or even say it ourselves, that we’re SAVED… or I got SAVED on such and such date, or I’ve been SAVED for this long… Ext.Today I realized exactly what that meant, I mean, I know what it meant, but not really, until today that is!

I was hanging out with a few of my old friends. We were having a good time reminiscing on the old days.

But then I started to notice something’s. They really weren’t talking past tense, some of the things they were saying were about the here and now.

I noticed a radio in the background playing off an IPhone,  the playlist was some Hip Hop, with curses blaring out of the speakers. The smell of weed (marijuana) was in the air, and beers were being passed around and a lot of them still smoked cigarettes.
Not to mention, but it was only 2 in the afternoon.

Girls was one of the popular topics, and how they would do this to that one and that to this one… Or how many girl friends they had or you remember this one…Or how they went out on Friday night and didn’t get home till Saturday at 12Noon…

One of them was even talking about Insurance fraud and how he got arrested for it, and another talked about how he hasn’t seen his daughter in a few years.

We also spoke about the less fortunate… How such and such is still in prison or how this one just went back to prison and he got 18 years.

A lot of our childhood friends didn’t even make it passed their 30s. They were either involved in some kind of tragic accident or some of them even murdered.

Now I start to look around and notice that none of us were kids anymore, ages ranging from mid thirties to late forties, but they seem to be stuck in time…

One of them just lost his Job at ConEd for alcoholism.

Almost all of them divorced at least once.

A lot of them still trying to make a fast buck in the street.

The conversations were just full of blaming everyone else for problems,  if this would have happened or that would have happened  or my ex is such a _______….

Man, I said to myself “I Got Saved, I Really Got Saved!”

You see, I am no better than anyone of them, I have done just as much or more dirt than each and everyone of them. I also want to mention that I love each and everyone of them to  death. I have a bond with them that can never be broken.

But I  realized that I could be stuck right there !!! And for some reason I’m not!!

I got Saved!!!!

My father Saved me!!

He removed me and Saved me!!

No difference from being pulled from a burning building or some other life threatening situation.

I have been Saved and set free!!!! TYL!

The 3Sixty House

2 thoughts on “I Got SAVED!!!!

  1. Not to mention, saved FROM God. The bible says that before we met him, we were his enemies (Rom 5:10). It’s an insane thing to be the enemy of such a powerful God who stretched the heavens open with his fingertips like an iPhone. Thank You Lord, that now we’re sons, friends, coheirs with Jesus.. phew!

    • Another great verse that applies more directly to the blog entry.. one of my favorites… 1 Peter 1:18, “For you know it wasn’t with perishable things like silver and gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you by your forefathers. But by the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.”

      Makes us grateful that he saved us and redeemed us from that empty way of life that was handed down to us.. the type of life that some of our friends still live.. We gotta keep praying them through bro! I feel you..

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