COG CircleIt’s funny, my neighbor hardly says anything to me. Sometimes I even  go out of my way to catch eye contact with her just to say hello  A lot of the time I just say hello, to no response. That’s when,  in my head,  I usually answer for her [Hey, I’m great how about you!] LOL.
Not too long ago, she was especially friendly and talkative…
Although confused,  I return the friendliness.
After a little small talk, she says “Hey can I see your basement? We are working on ours and I wanted to get some ideas” [Ohhh Nooow I get it!!]
Anyway, I let her in, I even let her carpenter in to  take a look.
Politely they say Thank You and leave.
The crazy thing is that she hasn’t said hello to me since. LOL
I really don’t mind. I actually continue to say hello when I get a chance and I answer for her too LOL. :o)
The point of the story is that, me, a mere human, can see right through her.
Could you imagine trying to pull one over on God!! That’s a hilarious thought, getting over on the creator of the universe. LOL!!
The thing is sometimes we ask for things, convinced that it is for one thing, only deceiving ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even realize how selfish we are. Sometimes our motives have motives.
Now, i’m sure God would have let you into his basement to take a look, he might have even had a peaceful smirk on his face [smile].
But when it comes to more serious issues, that just might be a little different.
Asking for our own pleasures, and our own needs whether we realize it or not, well it doesn’t really work like that, according to the bible that is:
James 4:3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.
If this is something you might be struggling with, try getting honest.
Humbly asking for honesty is a good place to start.
Lord help me recognize my true motives.
HE will show you and when he does it can sometimes be funny, to me anyway.
I hope you guys understand me.

PS If by chance my neighbor reads this – Hello there!! I have absolutely no hard feelings :o)

The 3Sixty House


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