Today my bike needed a brake cable (Yes, I use brakes! To all you new school riders! LOL) So I hit this bike shop in Astoria Queens.

While standing by the counter it hit me! More than 20years ago at this very counter I committed Credit Card Fraud for a brand new Quad Angle Bike. The bike cost about 1000 dollars back then!! (big money!)

Eventually they found out, so I could no longer shop there.

It was known in the BMX world that the guy who owned the shop, who actually still owns the shop now, hated me and thought I was just another low life kid who would never amount to anything (wasn’t the first time I heard that)

I have a bunch of feelings running throw my body right now. I definitely feel bad. I almost want to tell the guy and apologize. I’ll keep you posted.

But the main thing on my mind is how far I came, how much I changed and how I wouldn’t even consider such a thing nowadays.

The point is, There are a lot of good people out there, right now, sleeping on a bench, homeless, struggling with Alcohol and/or Drugs or are just in a bad spot. Believe me! I was one of them.

Don’t right them off! All they need is a light.

Will you be the light?

Thank You Lord!
The 3Sixty House

PS I left the store with out saying anything but what I decided to do was by someone a brand new bike. Someone who needs it.



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