A Friendly Conversation


(I had this conversation with a FREIND of mine)

Friend – What makes you so sure.

Me – I can’t believe you don’t believe in God.

Friend – Raymond, I just can’t believe it.

Me – What do you think happens when you leave here?

Friend – I think your kids live on.

Me – and how about you?

Friend – Nothing we just go and that’s it. How do YOU know that there is a God?

Me – I just do, I have faith plus many experiences that reinforce my faith.

Friend – But you don’t really know?

Me – Do you realize that it takes more faith not to believe in God than it does to believe in God.

Friend – What do you mean?

Me – There is more proof that there is a God, than that there isn’t a God.

Friend – Explain.

Me – Well, first of all it’s 2014 because of a Jesus Christ, they basically reset the clock because of him. That alone has to say a lot right there. Then we have the Bible, we have millions of people who believe, many accounts of miraculous things happening, we have the the sun and the stars THE UNIVERSE!! I can go on and on! Someone had to have created this….
You, don’t have any proof that there isn’t a God, just what you believe and that takes more faith than I have!

Friend – (Big smile/surprised look) You have a point there.


#Grateful #Gratefulapparel


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