Without Delay


Without Delay

A lot of people walk up to me and say “Man I Have This Great Idea”

– And some of them are actually really good Ideas too.

I always respond to them something like “What are you doing with it”

They usually shrug their shoulders and say something like “Nothing really” or “I don’t know where to start”

While reading the book of Mark this morning it made me think about all those who asked me that question and how they should apply this principle to their lives.

In Mark 1:20 Jesus walks up to James and John and says come with me and [With Out Delay] they just bounced, they go, they get busy, they figure stuff out on the way. But the definitely made a move!

With Out Delay, Make A Move.

Have a GRATE Day!
The 3Sixty House
Grateful Apparel
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