You have to start first


The truth is when I started this company [GRATEFUL APPAREL] I had know idea what I was doing.

Looking back, I realize that I never even considered the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. I was determined to make this work, at least give it my all.

Sometimes I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, but every once in a while I am able to zoom out and say WOW! we came a long way or WOW! I kind of do know what I’m doing (LOL That sounds funny to me) And that’s only because I’ve never given up and by not giving up I’ve been able to learn a ton of stuff.

Thank You Lord for experience and wisdom.

Grateful Apparel
The 3Sixty House

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One thought on “You have to start first

  1. Hey guys at Grateful Apparel ! just wanted to let you all know that all your hard work never goes unseen. Ever since I came across your amazing clothing I have been inspired on finally following my dreams and goals I have for the future. Raymond, your testimony is amazing, it showed me that if you give your all to God in the end he will bless you. I am a 19 yr old in Texas and am finally working to pursue my dreams thank you all for everything you do. Id really love to visit the shop and meet all of you and hopefully one day work with you all. God Bless
    -Victoria J

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