Time Traveling 


I’ve always been  a time traveler. 

I’d either be way in the future worrying about things like; Is this going to last, how will I provide for my family, I’m not going to be able to, what if… Or I’d travel back in-time to places where I’m not too proud of and I’d beat myself up about the things I did and the time I wasted.  And of course If you did something to me I’d visit you very often (you stepped on my brand new sneakers when I was in the 7th grade, when I get bigger I’m gonna see you!) There is no data in my life’s spread sheet that says I’m not going to be ok. And I Thank God for that! 

Today, I choose to focus more on the present, don’t get me wrong every once in a while I catch myself tight gripping the steering wheel in my truck, to realize I just time traveled, but when I do, I bring myself back to the beautiful present where I probably had a meal that day and my family is doing just fine. That’s usually followed by a smile and relaxed hand on the steering wheel. 

They call today the present for a reason. It’s a Gift. 

I hope you understand me. 


The 3Sixty House 


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