Friending Up 

Friending up. 

I see people trying this all the time. 

What I mean is : Some people go out of their way to friend people who have something to offer them or who have a huge platform or who would make them look “cool” just by affiliation.  
To me the motives behind friending up are horrible and it says a lot about the person or persons. 
Don’t get me wrong I understand it especially in business. But as for me, I make it a point to not go out of my way to friend up. 
I actually like to go out of my way to friend down and pick someone up… I look for that one person in the crowd who no-one is paying attention to and ask them – “how you doing?”
To me the reward is so much greater. 
Pay attention you might be stepping on someone who could really use your help while you’re looking to freind up. 
Let’s start friending down, Jesus did.  
(And just to be clear I know that we are all created equal and technically there is no friending up or down that is something that our motives created.) 
I hope you understand me. 


The 3Sixty House 

#Grateful #GratefulApparel #StreetWear #Fashion #LifestyleBrand 


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