Starbucks X Grateful

@Starbucks has always been friendly to us. A couple of years ago when we couldn’t afford to hit the road and have staff back at the shop at the same time, we would fulfill orders while on the road.

This one time we were posted up at some random @Starbucks in the middle of the country with our Laptops, printer, label printer, envelopes and boxes (full operation) all over the place. We consumed like 4 tables. 
We sat in a section that was not in eyes view of the counter so that they wouldn’t see us. I had about 100 boxes packed, labeled and ready to ship. All of a sudden I see the manager walking up to us… before he could say anything I say “Sorry man, we’ll leave” to my surprise He says ” Nah man your good. Tell me a little about your clothing company, I see the bus outside”. So I do… Next thing you know he told us that we could stay as long as we needed too. And on top of that he brung us a few bags of Coffee so that we could take on the road with us. 

Of Course we hooked him up with some gear! 

God has been good to us every step of the way! 

#Grateful #Starbucks #GratefulApparel #StreetWear #Fashion #LifestyleBrand #ThankYouLord


One thought on “Starbucks X Grateful

  1. what’s up my man…love your website….slow your roll on starbucks though….that employee may be a good guy but the company itself……well, check it out for yourself and their homosexual agenda… might want to recant your support of starbucks (publicly) so that people don’t slam you man. Be careful.

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