Ain’t Nothing To It But To Do It!

There’s nothing to it but to do it.

My dad said this to me years ago, at the time I didn’t realize how powerful it was.Today I was reminded. 

You see, we have this extra room in our house that we use when we have company. Somehow it became a place where we stored things… Luggage, Old Clothes, Sheets, Bags, Toys, Air Conditioners you name it, and it winded up there. You could image how cluttered it has gotten.

I’ve been wanting to clean this room for a looooong time. Just the thought of it would paralyzed me. – Where am I going to put this, where am I gonna put that, this is going to take all day, I have to carry all this stuff to the shed…. Blah, Blah,Blah to the point where I would never start.
Today I woke up and just dived into the room, didn’t think about it… I just got busy. And guess what? it only took me 2 hours to finish. TWO-HOURS! … That’s it! 
My thinking is what made it seem impossible, crippling me.

The truth is, lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going on almost to the point of being paralyzed. 
Sometimes life gets complicated (we actually make life complicated but that’s another post) – The 3Sixty House, Mortgages, Bills, Deadlines, New Collection , Meetings, Traveling, How Am I going to do this, How am I going to do that… Blah-Blah-Blah… You catching the similarities? 

Today reminded me that sometimes we need to get back to the basics. 

When I started GRATEFUL I never thought much (LOL), I just got busy! 

I’m not saying don’t plan just don’t let the plans (thoughts) cripple you.

Now you go ahead and get busy!!! Ain’t Nothin To It, But To Do It (Repeat X 5)
Thanks Dad.
Hope You Understand Me

Grateful Apparel

The 3Sixty House
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One thought on “Ain’t Nothing To It But To Do It!

  1. Great blog. Been a MINUTE since me, you and Tre all stayed in that room together! LOL! I still have those shirts you gave me. I need to slim down so that I can fit them again though. 😀

    God bless.

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