This might be a little extreme for some, but hang in there with me.

Could you image if you had to forgive someone like a Charles Manson!? –
The truth is most of us will never have to deal with this level of forgiveness, but we struggle as if… 

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” – Jesus (after being beaten then crucified) –
I’m talking to someone out there, do your self a favor and free yourself. 

Hope you understand me. 


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One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. God’s love and forgiveness is extreme. It is constant. Sadly, many will not ever press through in forgiveness like you are speaking of. Apparently some of us fail to remember, Jesus came for exactly that person who was an enemy to Him and His kingdom of holiness. I am so appreciative and humbled that He chose to do this for us. It is beyond words to be considered a son of The Most High God, The One True God an King, Savior and Lord, Friend that sticks closer than any other friend. Great post brother. Stay bold, be extreme according to The Spirit of the living God. The Lord bless you man. Pastor BJ.

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