“You doing something to me”

After being on the road in our bus for a few days we stop at a hotel to get a good night’s rest, in other words we wanted to sleep on a bed that doesn’t move :0) 

Morning comes and I’m sitting in the dining area enjoying the free continental breakfast (oatmeal and tea). I am the only one down there except for the lady who works at the hotel. 

Minding my own business she walks up to me and says “You gotta get out of here because you’re doing something to me” 

I think to myself “Oh OHhhhh” 

The truth is it would’ve been easy for me to feed into it and go as far as I wanted to go with it, but I couldn’t help to think about how lucky of a man I am to have a beautiful wife @jaie14 home along with my two beautiful children who I try so hard to be a good example too. 

And you know what, they might have never found out, but I would’ve known and more importantly God would’ve known and after all he has done for me, I try my hardest to honor him in everything I do. 

Simply put it ain’t worth it! So I politely make my way out of there and keep it moving. (Deuces) 

PS – I’m writing this at least five hours later and I have the FREEDOM of being guilt free! Priceless! 

Thank You Lord! 

Hope you understand me. 


The 3Sixty House 

Grateful Apparel 

#Grateful #GratefulApparel #StreetWear #Fashion #LifestyleBrand #uncomfortable #UncomfortableTour


One thought on ““You doing something to me”

  1. Grateful Apparel is awesome. So happy and proud of you. I know what you mean it’s crazy how they try to define us with how many comas we got , they don’t know what’s inside us. I’m going to school for graphic design. I would love each to work for your company.. I got an idea for the shirt I’m working on Tupac and B.I.G. hope to hear from you. I want to be part of a mission vision and same time lift up God name. May you enjoy this beautiful God giving day. God bless you and your family.
    Email createart1118@live.com

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