Hustle Hard // Insecurity 

Transparency :
In recent years, I’ve figured out that the reason why I work so hard is because of a deeply rooted insecurity. 

You see I’ve always felt less then most people. Always felt as if I had to prove myself, as if JUST ME wasn’t enough. 

Whether it was riding my bike as a kid, jumping off of cliffs, fighting, hustling in the street all the way up to working on GRATEFUL … I’ve always felt that I had to PROVE MYSELF. (Subconsciously at that)
Just Raymond was never good enough. 

One day in a flash God showed this to me. 

Wow! Blew my mind! So sad if you think about it. 

Since then I’ve embraced my ability to hustle hard but I try to not to focus on proving myself to anyone and accepting the fact that I am a child of the King of all Kings and that-that is where my value comes from. 

God will always turn your “negative” into a POSITIVE! 

I hope you understand me. 


The 3Sixty House

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