I Have My Protective Eye On You…

Today is national put up the Christmas tree day for the Rivera family. (I just made that up, LOL!) While I’m inside assembling the Christmas tree my wife is in the backyard, inside of the shed looking for bulbs and stuff.

My 4 year old son Jadon keeps going out the front door, up the side of the house and into the backyard. In and out he goes, time after time.

If you were looking from the outside of the house, it would look like an unattended small child going up and down the side of the house (dangerous). But the truth is, because my windows are a little higher than the side of the house [Up Above] I am able to keep my protective eyes on him every step of the way. Keeping him from any harm. And you better believe that if anybody tried to HARM him or if he FELL or something I would be right there for him!

I know that my Father has his protective eyes on me too, and guess what? He also had them on you!

I hope you understand me.


The 3Sixty House

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