On the Chow!!! Spoons & ID’s! 


I’m at the Embassy Suits in LA, complimentary breakfast (really nice at that) waiting to PLACE MY ORDER (keyword: PLACE) for an egg white and veggie omelette. 

When all of a sudden I catch a flashback to one of the many times I was locked up (incarcerated) waiting on that Chow-Line…. “Spoons & ID’s” is what the guards would yell so that we’d line up, grab our trays to get whatever food was going to pop out of that little rectangular window in the wall. 

How my life has changed! 

All because I said “Whatever It Means To Serve, I want to serve you!” ———————–

Hope you understand me.

Raymond Rivera
The 3Sixty House

Grateful Apparel 

#Grateful #GratefulApparel #StreetWear #Fashion #LifestyleBrand #116


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