I Am The Stronger Vessel!


So it’s New Year’s Eve morning, and me and my Wife get into a little disagreement (A FIGHT). In my house when we get into fights, it gets quiet. It can go hours or days, it all depends… Just quietness, no “Good Morning’s” or “Have A Nice day’s”, not even kisses good bye (LOL, two big babies). Anyway, back to the moral of the story. It’s now later in
the day, about 5pm, and New Year’s Eve is a few hours away. My wife is at her parents house and I’m home. Maybe I’ll just hang out with my friends or just stay home alone, she hasn’t called ME anyway! 

But then that scripture in the Bible, that refers to us (Men) as being the stronger vessel, hit me. 

It’s obvious that men are physically stronger than women (most of the time anyway, lol), but I don’t think that’s exactly/entirely what the Bible means by that. 

You see, I could’ve just stood my ground, not call my wife, hang out with my friends, or just stay home alone and continue to fuel the quiet wrath in my house and ruin a New Year’s Eve that we can never retrieve. 

Or I can be the STRONGER vessel and swallow my silly (say silly with a squeaky voice) pride, and pick up my cell phone (that seems to weigh about two tons right now), and salvage the night by calling my wife.
Men, and I mean Men, take heed to this and use your strength in the right places. It’s easy to “Pick Things Up and Put Them Down” like the Planet Fitness commercial (LOL). Let’s be strong where it counts. 

I hope you understand me.
PS… Haaaaaaappy New Year! 

PPS – New Tee Drops At Midnight!!!! Raymond 

The 3Sixty House 

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Stay Blessed,
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One thought on “I Am The Stronger Vessel!

  1. Dude, that’s “real grown-man” talk right there. I totally feel you and deal with those pride issues myself. Thanks for keeping it 100% and letting other men know it’s strength in extending that olive branch of love and peace.

    Much prosperity to you in 2016 and beyond.


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