“Daddddy!!! I Need My Book Bag!!” 

Every morning I take my son Jadon to school. We usually get there early and wind up goofing around before the front doors open. This time, a couple of minutes go by and my son Jadon looks around the truck and says, “Daddy! Where’s my book bag?” I take a quick look around and realize that we left it home.

Not a big deal to me, but to him it was the end of the world. Teary eyed, my son says, “DADDY LET’S GO BACK HOME AND GET IT!” I say, “We can’t. We won’t be back in time. Don’t worry. Go in to school, I’ll go back home, grab your bag and bring it to you.” But nothing could make him feel different about the situation. He didn’t have his book bag and that was a major problem for him. 

You see, because he’s only 4years old he couldn’t possibly comprehend how I could easily fix this for him, all he has to do is Trust me. 

God moment here: 

How many times do we make a big deal out of things, forgetting that God can easily go back and get our “book bags” for us and that all we have to do is trust him. And to be honest I personally don’t have an excuse, I am a grown man, LOL. 

So do yourself a favor… Take a deep breath and just let God go get your book bag.
I hope you understand me. 

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