Transparent: I want to park in front! 

Transparent : I want To Park In Front!

Ok, this one is going to be deep and a little lengthy, so if you continue from here, buckle your seatbelt. 
For starters, I’ve been in a GREAT mood lately. Life is good, family is good and God is great! 
Now, a friend of mine was being honored at church and we were invited to attend. 
Start time is 8pm, but because I know the neighborhood and how hard it is to find parking, I wanted to be there early so that we could find one close to the church. 
Of course, my wife has to do her hair and makeup and whatever else it is that women do before they go out! 
So now it’s ten to 8, and we’re JUST leaving the house! Of course, when we get there, we can’t find parking. Immediately, I start to get a little upset. My great mood, for a split second, went right out the window and everything my wife said from that point on just annoyed me. 
And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the Truth was exposed. You see, the real reason I wanted to get to church early is because I just bought a new truck and I wanted to park right in front where everyone could see me and MY BRAND NEW TRUCK! (Petty you think, I agree. I am not proud of this believe me) 
The thing is that I really didn’t think that was my motive, I really didn’t. But the problem with us is that our motives have motives. And that’s how the enemy gets us! 
I could’ve easily ruined Me And My wife’s whole night. “Ahhh now we have to park 10 blocks away. You see you always take long! Next time I’m leaving without you!!… Blah-Blah-Blah…etc.” 
But because God exposed my true motive, I was able to shake my head, laugh at myself, repent, and park just one block away, NOT 10 blocks away! LOL. 
I say all this to say that sometimes we get angry at people or situations when most of the time the problem starts with us.  
Please do yourself a favor and try to find the root of the problem. Pray for open mindedness. Ask God to expose the Junk to you (Clean House), so that you can spare you and everyone around you the grief. 
And BTW, all of them thoughts were exposed to me in a few seconds! So without my wife even noticing, I was able to adjust and return back to the Great way I felt in the beginning of the day, and we were able to have a great time! 
I hope you guys understand me. 
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