RIP to Phife Dog.

First of all, RIP to Phife Dog.

I have a fun Tribe Called Quest story.
About 20 years ago, I was walking home from doing laundry with a big ole bag of clothes on my shoulders. 
When out of nowhere, my boy Quan, who was like 16 years old, pulled up next to me in his Amigo Jeep, which would be the equivalent of a 16 year old kid rolling up to you today in a 2017 Lincoln Navigator or something like that, so imagine. 

We booth looked at each other square in the eyes and i say, “What’s up! Let’s bounce to Florida RIGHT NOW, I have enough clothes for all of us!” (pointing at my laundry bag)

Without any thought, he said, “Jump In!” We threw on The Low End Theory Album by A Tribe Called Quest, and jumped right onto I95S and hit Miami for like a month! 
That album was the soundtrack to that whole trip. 

The good ole days… LOL.

Enjoy every moment of the day … #Gratefulraysthoughts #Grateful #GratefulApparel #Streetwear #fashion -#Lifestylebrand


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