You ever been in a jam, or just needed a place to stay for a while? … Maybe while traveling? “Just for a few days.” It seems like we all know someone who will say, “You can stay as loooooong as you want”. Now this sounds great, but we know that most of the time, this extended welcome runs its course at some point. 

People love their space, and when you’ve been in their space for too long, the atmosphere seems to change. My boy @nathanleeroma is the exception to this, but if i stayed at his place long enough, I’d have to guess things would change too.

Hints would start to drop: “Well, how long are you gonna be in town for?” … “Have you found a job yet?” … “Maybe you should give your wife a call?” … “How’s the ‘looking for a place’ coming along?” … “I only made one plate of food” … “I’m going to bed early” … (you can even add a couple more) The hints get colder and colder as the time passes. 
There is only ONE person who’s love for you will never grow tired of your presence. 

In fact he has already prepared a space for you, a mansion in his mansion, with YOUR name on it. 

With a type of welcome that no MAN can offer. A place where your welcome will NEVER grow old.

The only hints that you would sense in the air would be of an Unconditional Love. An atmosphere of true belonging. “Welcome… You are Home” 
All you have to do is knock, and with arms wide open, HE will answer. (Your knock could even sound something like this: “Father, show yourself to me”) I hope you understand me. 

#Gratefulraysthoughts #GratefulApparel #Streetwear #fashion #Lifestylebrand #uncomfortabletour #AndyMineo #116


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