I’ve put some miles on this bad boy! 

I’ve put some miles on this bad boy. 

A lot of people have dreams but don’t really do anything with them. 

A dream is worthless without the WILLINGNESS to do some footwork. 

I’ve driven this truck across the country a FEW times. Sometimes driving 15 plus hours to only sell two shirts. Was I discouraged Heck Yeah! -But I never gave up! I kept on truckin’ …2 shirts sold turned into 10, then 50 then to where we are today. 

The point is, NOTHING comes easy! Especially for me! Everything I do is against the grain, a challenge, but I never let it stop me. I just face my fears head on and take it as it comes! 

I figure it out as I go. And so can you! 

If you have a Dream, Don’t sleep on it! 

I hope you understand me. 

Raymond Rivera

Grateful Apparel

The 3Sixty House 

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2 thoughts on “I’ve put some miles on this bad boy! 

  1. Wow, just when I was sitting at my desk, trying to organize my music…I paused, and wondered…why on earth am I doing this?? I’m just one grain of sand. And then I clicked this blog, which I wasn’t really looking for. And God is on time, yet again. #grateful

  2. Well I am about to start a journey of my own, and reading your post really inspires me to never give up on my dream, and work hard.

    Thank you.. #Grateful.

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