I’m not going to PICK you up!

My 4 year old son caught a tantrum today because my wife wouldn’t carry him. The truth is, he’s getting too big for her to carry him, even though he felt like he “needed” to be carried.

I watched him laying on the floor, kicking his feet, arms extended & waving wildly towards my wife who was planted on the bottom of the steps. 
He was screaming, “Pick Me Up! Pick Me Up!”
I thought to myself, this is crazy, all he has to do is get up, walk down the stairs, get in the car, and go on his merry way. So MUCH Easier
When it hit me, it was like watching myself!
Not too long ago, I was lying on the floor kicking my feet (not literally, stay with me), “God Pick Me Up! … If you want me to do this, make it happen … Pick Me Up!”.
You see, God has called me to do something, something other than Grateful Apparel … something that just doesn’t come easy to me.
I want to take the “blue pill”. I want him (God) to Zap Me. I want him to “pick me up!”.
Man, God has a funny way of communicating with us! 
So, I might as well just get up and do what I gotta do. 
Because just like my wife, God is not going to “pick me up”, especially, when I don’t “need” to be.
I hope you understand me.

The 3Sixty House

Grateful Apparel 


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