Fun Fact: 

In 2008, I jumped out of my friends pool and said, “I’m going to make some cool Tee Shirts”.  

A millisecond later the name Grateful came to mind, but I thought it was too simple/common, so I ignored it and proceeded to think of different names. 
For about a month, I looked and looked and looked for the “name”.  

Thesaurus, Dictionary, Bible were some of the places I looked, just to name a few. 
Every once in a while, I would go back to “Grateful”, but each time, I’d quickly dismiss that possibility. 

Finally, after a month of designing tees, and with out any luck finding a “name”, I reluctantly said to myself “Oh well, I guess it’s going to have to be Grateful”. 


And the rest is history. 

#Grateful #Gratefulapparel #StreetWear #Fashion #LifestyleBrand


2 thoughts on “Fun Fact: 

  1. I’ve been following your brand now for a little while and it’s inspiring to see your work. Blessed to have stumbled upon it and will definitely have to snatch some gear up. Thanks for inspiring me man with this post. I’ve just started back on designing tshirts and it’s a challenging process but taking note of how God can work if we allow him too. Bless you and your work brother. From Auckland, New Zealand. 👍

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