Permanent Decisions? 

Yesterday, I was at the park playing cops and robbers with my 5 year old son Jadon.
As we ran around exchanging Pow-Pow’s …. and Bang-Bang’s (again and again and agaaaain… LOL), I notice the names Amy & Gene carved into the cement.

I wondered if they were still together, or if they were still friends even.
I couldn’t help to think about how many times have we made permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.

He or She “loves” me – I’ll give them whatever they want.
I’m mad – I’ll say or do whatever comes to mind.
The Husband or Wife got me upset… but the CoWorker is saying all the right things.
(I’m sure you guys can fill in a couple of lines.)
But Man, think about that… Think about the PERMANENT affects/damage you can cause.
Feelings are NOT facts, so be wise and Do Not make a permanent decision based on a temporary feeling.
I hope You Understand Me.

Raymond Rivera

The 3Sixty House

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