If you can’t make it today… 

At least 25 years ago my boy @Ronniebonner asked me to put a sticker on my bike. 

I said, “what’s this?” … he replied, “My company.” So I shrugged my shoulders, stuck the sticker on my bike and kept it moving. 

This company became one of the biggest BMX Brands (UGP) in the world. 

Ronnie is the absolute TRUTH! 

Building multimillion dollar businesses, yes impressive! But building them before the internet, mind boggling! 

He had to go out and find stuff, the old fashion way. 

You know what that means? That If you can’t make it today, then your just not made for it. 

PS – Everyone should have a friend like Ronnie in their lives. 

Good looking Ron. 


The Shadow Conspiracy 

American Mentality 

Sparky’s Distribution (just to name a few)
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