A few weeks ago I was invited to share my testimony in Texas.

That same night, pillow talking with the wife I say, “Man, I’m not sure I want to take our bus (our old one) to Texas because it’s been acting up lately.”

Wife responds, “I know, so what you gonna do?”

Me, “I don’t know, it ain’t like we can afford a new bus”

Testimony: The VERY next day, my boy Andra Davis (@allroadsopen ) calls me up and says, “Yo Unc, how fast can you make it to Denver, Co?”

Me, “I don’t know, why what’s up!?”.

He asks me again, “How fast can you make it up here?”

I respond, “Shoot, how fast do you need me up there?”

He responds, “God told me to give you this truck last night, so come and pick it up.”

I was speechless.

Now some of you will chalk it up as “Coincidence.” But not me, my God is real and he’s always listening.

Let HIM in, HE will rock your world! (And not only materially Things, just to be clear).

PS – And think about it, I Didn’t even pray for it! I was just talking to my wife about it and I guess HE heard me! LOL.

Love You Big Man! 👊🏼54!

The best is yet to come!

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