A wise person… 

My son Jadon was running down the street the other day and I was like, “Papi, stop running, you’re gonna fall and get hurt”.

He confidently responded, “No I’m Not Dad” as he continued to run (on with his plan) as if he knew it all.
And you know what!? I know that he really believed it from his heart, that he wasn’t gonna fall, that he knew more than me, and that I had no idea what I was talking about (LOL).

The thing is because I’ve fallen many times in my life, it would be WISE for him to take my suggestion.

There are times when you absolutely think that you are right only to realize that you were wrong, and it’s usually accompanied with some pain.

Don’t ever be too close-minded.

Especially when the person giving you the advice loves you.

A WISE person learns from OTHER people’s mistakes.

I hope you understand me.


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