Chris Rock made me hate my Dad.


Dad for Blog 8

Chris Rock made me hate my Dad.

There was a point in my life when I literally hated my Dad.

We just couldn’t see eye to eye. To the point that when I was sixteen, I packed a bag, threw it out of our bathroom window and never looked back.

Been living on my own ever since.
And, it wasn’t always easy. From couch to couch, rooftop to rooftop, train to train somehow thank God I managed to survive.
Anyway, there was this one time that I was able to rent a room for a little while and that’s where I caught this HBO special with Chris Rock.
His (Chris Rock) whole skit was about parents and how they like to through stuff in their kid’s faces and take credit for things they are supposed to do.

He said that he hated when parents said, “I always had food on the table” and with that “Chris Rock” humor, he went on to say, “You’re supposed to have food on the table for your kids stupid. That’s like taking credit for breathing or something”. The audience busted out laughing, but not me, I was as serious as one could be.
You see, that struck a chord. My dad ALWAYS said that to me, so if I didn’t like him up to that point, now I hated him!

I held on to that hatred for years, till this one day when I thought about him and the fact that both his parent’s died when he was around three years old and how he was shuffled from house to house never ever really feeling wanted and how that must’ve affected him?
Man, that broke me. Gave me a whole different perspective on him.

Shortly after, I reached out to him and slowly but surely we rebuilt our relationship.

My dad passed away just about a year ago and I was right there with him.

One of the last things he said to me was, “You came a long way son”. Love You Dad. RIP.

And, PS. My Dad ALWAYS did have food on the table :o). I hope you understand me.
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