I Smiled Today!!!!

Ray Groceries

I smiled today and you’d never imagine why.

Lunchtime and I stopped at a Panera Bread to grab me a Squash Soup & Quinoa Salad (I haven’t eaten meat for about 5 months BTW). As I’m walking back towards my truck I spotted a Stop & Shop Supermarket in the same Plaza.

My son Jadon needs orange juice so I might as well head over and grab one.

Anytime I’m at the supermarket I get this nagging voice in my head, “call your wife and see if she needs anything”. A phone call or text I normally HATE to make because grabbing an orange juice turns into a full-blown grocery list, which quite frankly S-T-R-E-S-S-E-S ME OUT!

Why does it stress me out you ask? That’s funny because for some time now I’ve been asking myself that same question.

You see, I started to not like the feeling of getting stressed out/upset because my WIFE asked me to grab a few things for her while I’m ALREADY at the Supermarket.

This way she doesn’t have to go when she gets off of work.

She does have a forty hour a week job that she has to drive to and from, while I am blessed to be able to work from home, where I can come and go as I please

(don’t stone me).

And, because of that, I started to call her every time I went to the supermarket to train myself not to get stressed out. In other words not be so SELFISH.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy at first, but a lot of deep breathing helped me out (LOL). It took me about a year to get better with it.

Hence today’s smile.

While shopping I realized that I was on the phone with her the whole time, and you guessed it, that orange juice, well, it turned into an entire Christmas Dinner shopping spree, a COMPLETELY full shopping cart.

The difference was, I wasn’t stressed out at all.

In fact, I had fun on the phone with her while shopping.

I smiled because I changed, and that felt good.
Bad habits aren’t forever. Free yourself.

I hope you understand me.

Raymond Rivera
Grateful Apparel
The 3Sixty House


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