My Celebrity Pic-Post!

Ray Nate Recovery Pic

I’ve seen it a million times, the “Celebrity” picture-post.
The I’M with So and So!!!!! Well, here’s MY Celebrity picture post.
Who & Why?
First of all, right here in this picture, there are over 60 years of clean time (no drugs or alcohol). And more importantly, these men have dedicated their lives to helping thousands of men, women, and children from all over the country who struggle with addiction.
In all reality, “Celebrities” should be taking pictures of them and posting it on THEIR feeds.

But nope, not in this world… Not “COOL” enough.

Well, I think these guys are Rock Stars and it was a privilege to be able to hang out with them and talk about the future of helping others in need.

Pay attention to the real celebrities sometimes.

I hope you understand me.

PS – God has taken me way outside of my comfort zone.

Raymond Rivera
Grateful Apparel
The 3Sixty House.



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