Who’s more Uncomfortable then me!?

Uncomfortable Tour

What a lot of you guys don’t realize is how much of an introvert I am.

I was the type of kid that even if I knew the answer in school I wouldn’t raise my hand, and If I didn’t grow up with you, well, I just didn’t speak to you (literally). Later on in life as a young adult in the “game”, it actually worked in my favor.
But you see in my new life, a life where I don’t have to worry about getting set up, robbed, arrested or even killed, being quite just wasn’t a tool anymore. It actually made me feel like I was in a prison, the prison of the mind (think about that for a sec). After years of not being able to express myself, I grew extremely frustrated.

I started to challenge myself to do things I didn’t feel comfortable with, like walking up to complete strangers and striking up a random conversation (ahh hey, the sun looks really nice). As I grew comfortable with the challenges I would always look for ways to raise the bar.

One day I even texted @AndyMineo and asked him if I could face my fears by sharing my story on his up and coming tour, The Uncomfortable Tour, after all, who is more uncomfortable than me.
Andy excitedly responded, “That’s a great idea!” and the next thing you know I’m on a 28 Day Tour jumping on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Was that difficult for me? Heck yeah, but it paved the way for my new found freedom.

You see, I feel like God has something extremely powerful lined up for me and he doesn’t need an introvert on his team. So bear with me as I continue to challenge myself in pursuit of God’s will in my life.

Please Keep me in prayer and if you relate to this I challenge you to Face Your Fears head on! 💥👊🏼💥 I hope you understand me

PS That Dance on my IG Story was a super stretch. 😂😂
The 3Sixty House


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