Happy Fathers’s Day 

When my daughter was around 4 years old (she’s about to be 18 now), we were sleeping on the floor of my one room basement apt, and when I say one room, I mean one room, not one bedroom, just ONE room. 

At around 3:30am my daughter decides to wake up and call for me. 

It was dark, so she couldn’t see me laying right next to her. 

The calls starting out low, but got louder and louder … “Daaaaddy … Daaaaddy … Daaaaddy”. The only reason I didn’t answer the first one, is because I just wanted her to go back to sleep. I was tired and I didn’t want her to be up at like 3:30 in the morning. 

Finally I had no choice but to answer. 

With a little frustration in my voice I replied “Whaaat Emily”

She replies with the most sincere and cutest voice ever “I Looove You”, followed by her rolling over, as she puts her tiny hand on my chest and goes right back to sleep. 
I melted!! The little things! 

Happy Fathers Day fellas! 

Hope you understand me. 

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I’m not going to PICK you up!

My 4 year old son caught a tantrum today because my wife wouldn’t carry him. The truth is, he’s getting too big for her to carry him, even though he felt like he “needed” to be carried.

I watched him laying on the floor, kicking his feet, arms extended & waving wildly towards my wife who was planted on the bottom of the steps. 
He was screaming, “Pick Me Up! Pick Me Up!”
I thought to myself, this is crazy, all he has to do is get up, walk down the stairs, get in the car, and go on his merry way. So MUCH Easier
When it hit me, it was like watching myself!
Not too long ago, I was lying on the floor kicking my feet (not literally, stay with me), “God Pick Me Up! … If you want me to do this, make it happen … Pick Me Up!”.
You see, God has called me to do something, something other than Grateful Apparel … something that just doesn’t come easy to me.
I want to take the “blue pill”. I want him (God) to Zap Me. I want him to “pick me up!”.
Man, God has a funny way of communicating with us! 
So, I might as well just get up and do what I gotta do. 
Because just like my wife, God is not going to “pick me up”, especially, when I don’t “need” to be.
I hope you understand me.

The 3Sixty House

Grateful Apparel 

I’ve put some miles on this bad boy! 

I’ve put some miles on this bad boy. 

A lot of people have dreams but don’t really do anything with them. 

A dream is worthless without the WILLINGNESS to do some footwork. 

I’ve driven this truck across the country a FEW times. Sometimes driving 15 plus hours to only sell two shirts. Was I discouraged Heck Yeah! -But I never gave up! I kept on truckin’ …2 shirts sold turned into 10, then 50 then to where we are today. 

The point is, NOTHING comes easy! Especially for me! Everything I do is against the grain, a challenge, but I never let it stop me. I just face my fears head on and take it as it comes! 

I figure it out as I go. And so can you! 

If you have a Dream, Don’t sleep on it! 

I hope you understand me. 

Raymond Rivera

Grateful Apparel

The 3Sixty House 

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 You ever been in a jam, or just needed a place to stay for a while? … Maybe while traveling? “Just for a few days.” It seems like we all know someone who will say, “You can stay as loooooong as you want”. Now this sounds great, but we know that most of the time, this extended welcome runs its course at some point. 

People love their space, and when you’ve been in their space for too long, the atmosphere seems to change. My boy @nathanleeroma is the exception to this, but if i stayed at his place long enough, I’d have to guess things would change too.

Hints would start to drop: “Well, how long are you gonna be in town for?” … “Have you found a job yet?” … “Maybe you should give your wife a call?” … “How’s the ‘looking for a place’ coming along?” … “I only made one plate of food” … “I’m going to bed early” … (you can even add a couple more) The hints get colder and colder as the time passes. 
There is only ONE person who’s love for you will never grow tired of your presence. 

In fact he has already prepared a space for you, a mansion in his mansion, with YOUR name on it. 

With a type of welcome that no MAN can offer. A place where your welcome will NEVER grow old.

The only hints that you would sense in the air would be of an Unconditional Love. An atmosphere of true belonging. “Welcome… You are Home” 
All you have to do is knock, and with arms wide open, HE will answer. (Your knock could even sound something like this: “Father, show yourself to me”) I hope you understand me. 

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We are turning into a legit company!! 👍🏽

 These captions to one of our posts made me think about how far we’ve come! 

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I always say, “I have NO idea what I’m doing!” LOL. 

The truth is, I really don’t. I just work hard, try to figure things out, never take no for an answer, and I Definitely keep GOD FIRST! 

You don’t have to know everything. You just have to be willing to put in the work.

And you know what!? We are turning into a legit company! Thank You Lord. 
Hope You Understand Me. 

Shout Out To : @edmejia_ and @djelivate 

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RIP to Phife Dog.

First of all, RIP to Phife Dog.

I have a fun Tribe Called Quest story.
About 20 years ago, I was walking home from doing laundry with a big ole bag of clothes on my shoulders. 
When out of nowhere, my boy Quan, who was like 16 years old, pulled up next to me in his Amigo Jeep, which would be the equivalent of a 16 year old kid rolling up to you today in a 2017 Lincoln Navigator or something like that, so imagine. 

We booth looked at each other square in the eyes and i say, “What’s up! Let’s bounce to Florida RIGHT NOW, I have enough clothes for all of us!” (pointing at my laundry bag)

Without any thought, he said, “Jump In!” We threw on The Low End Theory Album by A Tribe Called Quest, and jumped right onto I95S and hit Miami for like a month! 
That album was the soundtrack to that whole trip. 

The good ole days… LOL.

Enjoy every moment of the day … #Gratefulraysthoughts #Grateful #GratefulApparel #Streetwear #fashion -#Lifestylebrand

Calendar XXs and Tires 

So, I’m at the tire shop getting my tires balanced, having a little small talk with the mechanic. 

I look up at the wall by his work station and I see this calendar with some of the days crossed off. 

Stunning! It made me think that once a day has been crossed off you can NEVER uncross it! 

Life is short, and calendar days are being crossed off quickly! 

So do yourself a favor, try to enjoy every single moment of each day. 

We don’t have time to waste on resentments, anger, fear, selfishness… (you fill in a couple of spots). Now go ahead and ENJOY the rest of your day. 😊

I hope you understand me. 



The 3Sixty House 

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