Who’s more Uncomfortable then me!?

Uncomfortable Tour

What a lot of you guys don’t realize is how much of an introvert I am.

I was the type of kid that even if I knew the answer in school I wouldn’t raise my hand, and If I didn’t grow up with you, well, I just didn’t speak to you (literally). Later on in life as a young adult in the “game”, it actually worked in my favor.
But you see in my new life, a life where I don’t have to worry about getting set up, robbed, arrested or even killed, being quite just wasn’t a tool anymore. It actually made me feel like I was in a prison, the prison of the mind (think about that for a sec). After years of not being able to express myself, I grew extremely frustrated.

I started to challenge myself to do things I didn’t feel comfortable with, like walking up to complete strangers and striking up a random conversation (ahh hey, the sun looks really nice). As I grew comfortable with the challenges I would always look for ways to raise the bar.

One day I even texted @AndyMineo and asked him if I could face my fears by sharing my story on his up and coming tour, The Uncomfortable Tour, after all, who is more uncomfortable than me.
Andy excitedly responded, “That’s a great idea!” and the next thing you know I’m on a 28 Day Tour jumping on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Was that difficult for me? Heck yeah, but it paved the way for my new found freedom.

You see, I feel like God has something extremely powerful lined up for me and he doesn’t need an introvert on his team. So bear with me as I continue to challenge myself in pursuit of God’s will in my life.

Please Keep me in prayer and if you relate to this I challenge you to Face Your Fears head on! 💥👊🏼💥 I hope you understand me

PS That Dance on my IG Story was a super stretch. 😂😂
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Chris Rock made me hate my Dad.


Dad for Blog 8

Chris Rock made me hate my Dad.

There was a point in my life when I literally hated my Dad.

We just couldn’t see eye to eye. To the point that when I was sixteen, I packed a bag, threw it out of our bathroom window and never looked back.

Been living on my own ever since.
And, it wasn’t always easy. From couch to couch, rooftop to rooftop, train to train somehow thank God I managed to survive.
Anyway, there was this one time that I was able to rent a room for a little while and that’s where I caught this HBO special with Chris Rock.
His (Chris Rock) whole skit was about parents and how they like to through stuff in their kid’s faces and take credit for things they are supposed to do.

He said that he hated when parents said, “I always had food on the table” and with that “Chris Rock” humor, he went on to say, “You’re supposed to have food on the table for your kids stupid. That’s like taking credit for breathing or something”. The audience busted out laughing, but not me, I was as serious as one could be.
You see, that struck a chord. My dad ALWAYS said that to me, so if I didn’t like him up to that point, now I hated him!

I held on to that hatred for years, till this one day when I thought about him and the fact that both his parent’s died when he was around three years old and how he was shuffled from house to house never ever really feeling wanted and how that must’ve affected him?
Man, that broke me. Gave me a whole different perspective on him.

Shortly after, I reached out to him and slowly but surely we rebuilt our relationship.

My dad passed away just about a year ago and I was right there with him.

One of the last things he said to me was, “You came a long way son”. Love You Dad. RIP.

And, PS. My Dad ALWAYS did have food on the table :o). I hope you understand me.
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Why are you punishing him more?

Ray and Gammy

My brother has been in and out of jail his whole life.
2 years, then 5 years, then 11 years, now he’s doing 18 years to Life.
Yeah, that’s a lot of time.
For some reason, this last bid (jail term) did something to me.
In and out, in and out, in and out.
It made me cold. I was mad.
Mad to the point where I basically ignored his calls and letters for the first 5 years of his jail term. I didn’t send him any money or any packages (I agree, shame on me). I was upset and sick and tired.
Until this one time when God interrupted my day, speaking to me (in his deep voice) by saying, “He’s already punished, why are YOU punishing him more?” In shame, I almost fell to my knees.
WHY, AM I!!??
Who am I to not forgive him and not be there for him.
As if I myself had never been to jail.
More importantly the fact that even though I’m a much different person today, I STILL fall short, ALL-THE-TIME.
What if God got sick and tired of me?
What if after a certain amount of sins God stopped being there for ME.
A cap on forgiveness? (OUCH!). I immediately ran to BJs, put together a package, and sent it to him along with a money order… And I’ve been holding him down ever since.
Take a look around you, are YOU punishing someone, more, right now? (They don’t have to be in jail either)
Are you expecting to be forgiven, when you yourself are not forgiving? —————————————————————————
“Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?”Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.” ————————————————————————— Free Yourself.
I hope you understand me.
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A wise person… 

My son Jadon was running down the street the other day and I was like, “Papi, stop running, you’re gonna fall and get hurt”.

He confidently responded, “No I’m Not Dad” as he continued to run (on with his plan) as if he knew it all.
And you know what!? I know that he really believed it from his heart, that he wasn’t gonna fall, that he knew more than me, and that I had no idea what I was talking about (LOL).

The thing is because I’ve fallen many times in my life, it would be WISE for him to take my suggestion.

There are times when you absolutely think that you are right only to realize that you were wrong, and it’s usually accompanied with some pain.

Don’t ever be too close-minded.

Especially when the person giving you the advice loves you.

A WISE person learns from OTHER people’s mistakes.

I hope you understand me.


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If you can’t make it today… 

At least 25 years ago my boy @Ronniebonner asked me to put a sticker on my bike. 

I said, “what’s this?” … he replied, “My company.” So I shrugged my shoulders, stuck the sticker on my bike and kept it moving. 

This company became one of the biggest BMX Brands (UGP) in the world. 

Ronnie is the absolute TRUTH! 

Building multimillion dollar businesses, yes impressive! But building them before the internet, mind boggling! 

He had to go out and find stuff, the old fashion way. 

You know what that means? That If you can’t make it today, then your just not made for it. 

PS – Everyone should have a friend like Ronnie in their lives. 

Good looking Ron. 


The Shadow Conspiracy 

American Mentality 

Sparky’s Distribution (just to name a few)
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Permanent Decisions? 

Yesterday, I was at the park playing cops and robbers with my 5 year old son Jadon.
As we ran around exchanging Pow-Pow’s …. and Bang-Bang’s (again and again and agaaaain… LOL), I notice the names Amy & Gene carved into the cement.

I wondered if they were still together, or if they were still friends even.
I couldn’t help to think about how many times have we made permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.

He or She “loves” me – I’ll give them whatever they want.
I’m mad – I’ll say or do whatever comes to mind.
The Husband or Wife got me upset… but the CoWorker is saying all the right things.
(I’m sure you guys can fill in a couple of lines.)
But Man, think about that… Think about the PERMANENT affects/damage you can cause.
Feelings are NOT facts, so be wise and Do Not make a permanent decision based on a temporary feeling.
I hope You Understand Me.

Raymond Rivera

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