Raymond Testimony PicFor some reason I’ve always believed in GOD, speaking to him pretty regularly throughout my life, especially when I was in trouble or when I needed something.

For many years I struggled with drugs and alcohol, always taking two steps forward and stumbling back three or four—never being able to succeed in anything, always feeling empty and void.

I found a twelve step program that helped me with my drug abuse. The longer I stayed clean and the more I learned about myself, the more I realized that it is no coincidence that I am still here, alive and not in jail.

One day while attending a twelve step meeting, I heard a speaker who was talking about things that I could relate to. He also spoke about a freedom that we could all experience if we just surrendered ourselves to GOD.

At that point in my life I was clean from active addiction. But I was making money illegally. I felt that drugs took so much from me that I needed to catch up. Although I was making amounts of money that I had never seen before, I still had a void and always felt lonely. I like to remember sitting in my big house,on my big couch, in front of my big TV feeling miserable.

So when I heard that speaker talking about freedom, I was all ears.

To make a long story short, for the next few months I made sure I put myself in the same places that he would be (after all, I wanted what he had), building a relationship with who I now know as Pastor Raymond Ramos.

At that point in my life because I stopped using drugs and alcohol, I actually thought I was a better person.

Soon to realize that GOD had certain standards. And by trying from my heart and doing my absolute best to live by those standards that I too could live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

So I started to build a relationship with Jesus Christ. I started gradually giving small things up and immediately I started to see positive results. Anything negative that I gave up I was blessed ten times over.

Then finally I made a decision to give up all my old ways and live for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Adam Valenzuela once asked me, “Are you in love with Jesus Christ?” Sincerely, I smiled and answered, “YES.”

I sold my home, to open up a transitional house with my partner John Shinnick for recovering addicts who are trying to make a smooth transition back into society: THE 3SIXTY HOUSE. Today we have 2 Transitional houses with a total of 54 beds.

I go to church, read the Bible, and have devoted my life to Jesus Christ.

By turning my life and my will over to GOD, I started to experience life beyond my wildest dreams – BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!

My relationship with Jesus Christ is so special to me. I wish I could explain it in words, but I just can’t. (It’s the warmest thing.)

The Bible is like an instruction manual on how to live your life, how to treat people, how to treat yourself, how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and how to prepare for the promise land!

Today I am almost 13 years clean. I have a beautiful wife, Jessica Rivera ; a beautiful daughter, Emily Nicole Lee Rivera; My Little Man Jadon Lee Rivera,friends; and family that trust and believe in me. And to top it off, I have an amazing relationship with Jesus Christ. I am truly blessed and GRATEFUL, only through God’s Grace. What can I say? THANK YOU LORD! 1 TIMOTHY 12-14.

God Bless,

Raymond A. Rivera

(I wrote this testimony while on the yellow school bus with my beautiful daughter on our way to Ellis Island for a school trip.)


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  1. I saw you on TBN last night and I was greatly encouraged by your testimony. Praise the Lord for all He has done and is doing in your ministry. Praise the Lord for redeemed, restored lives. I have shared your testimony today a few times already to encourage others. thank you for sharing and living for Jesus. you are making an impact on many lives around the world. Love the idea the Lord gave you. I too, am GRATEFUL!

  2. My name is asher kelp. I’m 24 years old. I’m a aspiring model working out of an agency in Jacksonville, Florida. I see your company has a great line and I was wanted to work as an model for you clothing line. I feel your Christian approach is a good way for me to show my talent and be a blessing to the kingdom of god. You can find my profile at denisecarolmodels.com. You can also email me at asherkelp@Yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Be blessed!

  3. How long does it take to get your items? It doesn’t say and it doesn’t have a order tracker. Can anyone tell me?

  4. Dear raymond,
    Wow what an opportunity that God has his given me to witness your testimony and calling designed by God. Like you I have calling that was designed and now being lived out in his glory and desigh. See it hasn’t always been like that for me . The majority of my life I’ve been a product of thus world and how the defined who I was. A addict, not worthy, loner, family less, and most importantly a prisoner to the enemies design. During these times growing up in the heart of the West side of Fresno .ca ( which I forgot to mention was dropped off at a gas station with my sister at the age of 13 due to my mom giving up on us and all that she was struggling with at the ti me as a single parent) Anyways I continues to live and be raised up to know that some people just live like mine and some people live differently not knowing anything about God what so ever. So I guess I just accepted it. But there always been something inside of me that said I was different, special which did not make sense to me at all cause there was nothing that I can see that was special about who I was. Except that I had the ability to have people follow and do anything I had said. And I used that to my advantage to get what I needed or wanted. Until I became a product of my own success and started in a weird way noticing pain and confusion and conviction of all that I was apart of and the lives including mine that I was poisoning and destroying. During this time I never Hurd of recovery it was never mentioned in my environment so I never even new it existed. It wasn’t until I started getting arrested and doing time( I was good at what I was doing and for along time never really got caught up for it until my heart started changing, I BELIEVE this was God’s plan) anyways it until I was serving time where In my own way without even knowi my who God was stated crying out that someone save me!!!!! When God sent someone and sat with me and started conversation with me saying Jesus called me and and said you need me right now. WOW I remember him asking what is that your looking for need and I replied “whole life from the beginning has just always been one lie after another, is there any truth in life?” “I just don’t get it” it was in that conversation that I got introduced who Jesus Christ was 2010 the beginning in understanding who I really was and how God has been patiently waiting for to live out his special purpose and desigh for the Glory of his kingdom. See I come from a artistic and cultural background influenced by my passions graffiti, painting, not just street art but stuff you see in museums my favorite artist till this day is Giant an amazing artist, when it comes to music of course I love food music like lecrae kb( that’s my boy) plus today I have relationships with artists lime bizzle, H.U.R.T, Arize, and my relationship are continuing to grow, but I’m also a big fan of symphony and orchestra and maybe cause of my son percussion drumline ( he is 12 yrs old and been in percussion for 5yrs now, praise God what a passion) But back to the calling God has blessed me with a passion and a heart for the people and spoke into me and defined me clearly why I was special. He gave me a voice that proclaims who he is and glorifies him and his kingdom and thought me how to use what he designed in me to do so. So in his name I be been creating a project and team (Team Freedom) that is just starting but was a vision that God gave me early in our relationship, but like everything else you really got to understand and mature into what that really looks like and learn in his time it will be done with your obedience and consistency. Today I’m there and God has confirmed this what it looks like and there is so much more to this vision that he keeps allowing me to see and discern. Like the team which will be lead and built his name to become a brand titled Freedom Wear mission statement ” leaving the past behind and living in the FREEDOM God provides” so dope praise God. I know God directed me to your site cause there was a relationship and a purpose to find each other cause I know that’s how God works in my life and till today never wrote my testimony down. I new I needed to comment but did not know the spirit was gonna pour into it lol. I see that you haven’t been since March 2018 so I pray all is well with you and your family in this season and that you also get a chance to read my story I would love to hear back from you and just witness more to what God has I plan for this. Again just to put this out there I did not expect anything from you like free gear or something in material like that lol even though your gear is dope lol. But really I truly believe there was a Devine purpose for me to find your story and and connect with you to live out God’s desigh. Praise God love you my brother and like I tell the team FLAME ON🔥( the holy spirit)
    Your Brother in Christ
    Augustine Arochio (Puerto Rican, believe me everybody has trouble with it lol)
    (209) 761-2188
    1626 e. 22nd st. Merced .ca

  5. My bad just got done reading my story and laughed at all my mistake written down. 🤣🤣🤣I was a victim of auto correct. I hope you can look past the errors and see it for what it was
    God Bless my brother Auggie FLAME ON🔥

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